I am an actor and theatre teacher with 15+ years of experience, presence and constant study at the theatre workshop “La stanza dell’Attore” in Florence. Under the expert guidance of Giovanni Micoli, I was able to grow as a student, actor and finally teacher.

Trained as an architect, for years I worked freelance on my own projects and in collaboration with other studios. This taught me on the one hand about design, planning and the importance of being able to collaborate with different professional roles, and on the other hand to hone my skills as an enterpreneuer.

In 2020 I moved to Helsinki where I was able to appreciate the beauty of Finland, primarily the sauna :) Here I opened a theatre school, which allowed me to train a group of fantastic students from scratch, with whom we have already performed several times, in various parts of the city.

Helsinki is also a city in ferment, where so many companies have sprung up, in services, gaming, deep-tech. Personally, I was lucky enough to come into contact with the incredible and dynamic world of start-ups and business, and I realised how much communicating one’s ideas well, communicating well with one’s colleagues, investors, customers, is crucial to the success of any company.

Based on these experiences, I developed a method to improve the ability to be more charismatic in public, communicate better in the team and sell more effectively – a service, a product, a project.

The meeting with Caterina Foti (science expert and communicator) and Elena Inguglia (business strategist), who advise me every day, improve me, and with whom – each in their own area of expertise – we have developed our unique method, was fundamental in the development of the method.