Iron Team


"Play for the name written on the front of the jersey and they will remember you by the name on the back." - Thierry Henry

Embracing Teamwork and Soft Skills

In recent years, successful companies have recognized the importance of teamwork and soft skills in achieving effective collaboration. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, technical and easily replicable jobs will be replaced by algorithms. However, jobs that require negotiation and personal communication will become increasingly in demand, highlighting the crucial role of teamwork. Many workplace issues stem from misunderstandings, conflicts, and relationship difficulties. Have you ever wondered, “Why does that person respond negatively to me?” or “What did I do wrong?” or “That person has an unbearable personality.” Working well and harmoniously with a team is essential, as the success of a company depends on the team’s ability to collaborate effectively and navigate various challenges.


The Power of Effective Communication in Theater and Beyond

Having managed theater groups, I have realized that the same challenges often occur in acting workshops. A theater company, similar to a business, relies on extreme collaboration, clear information exchange, adaptability, trust in others, and a common goal to achieve (such as delivering an outstanding performance or satisfying the audience). Moreover, the expressive nature of theater allows certain dynamics to surface more quickly compared to a traditional business environment. It is crucial to understand that communication is not solely about the content but also about the manner in which it is delivered. More than 95% of communication is non-verbal, emphasizing the significance of the “how” over the “what.” Misunderstandings among colleagues frequently arise because we focus solely on the information shared (what) and neglect the importance of delivery (how). This realization is key to improving understanding and fostering effective communication within a team.

What you will learn in the course


Giving and receiving feedback


Effective use of voice


Build a story to motivate the team spirit


Ability to put oneself in the shoes of others in order to understand the difficulties of the various working groups and thus prevent conflicts


Achieving corporate goals through team spirit and strong company values

Unleashing Team Potential

Due to my experience in theater as a student, actor and teacher, I have uncovered the immense potential that acting holds in enhancing teamwork. I can assist teams of all sizes in collaborating more effectively, improving mutual understanding, bridging cultural differences, and enhancing communication, including the body language . This tailored package will be designed after a first briefing with HR, Head of people, Chief of staff, to strengthen internal team communication and company culture spirit. The practical and enjoyable exercises can be applied in various contexts, such as team-building activities and workshops, facilitating open communication, creativity, and problem-solving.

Elevating Teamwork and Personal Growth

By embracing the power of acting and incorporating it into your team’s development, you will not only witness positive changes in your work environment but also experience personal growth. The benefits extend beyond the professional realm, leading to enhanced collaboration, active listening, and improved relationships with friends and loved ones. Acting equips you with the invaluable ability to step into the shoes of others and understand their perspectives, ultimately transforming the way you interact and connect with those around you. In summary, invest in your team’s success by harnessing the transformative potential of acting. Strengthen collaboration, communication, and understanding within your organization through practical and enjoyable exercises. Explore our tailored package designed to enhance teamwork, improve relationships, and unleash the full potential of your team.

Unleash Your IRON TEAM