"The best way to start a sale is to stop selling and start helping others to buy." - Zig Ziglar

Unlocking Business Success

Effective salesmanship is a crucial aspect of any business. Even the best product can remain stagnant if not effectively marketed and sold. Throughout my entrepreneurial career, I’ve witnessed numerous companies with excellent products or services sitting idle, waiting for customers to come knocking, only to be ill-prepared when the opportunity arises.


Shifting Perspectives

Often, when starting a business, the focus is primarily on the product rather than the customer. However, the key lies in reversing this approach. Building a team with specific capabilities tailored to the target market/investors, allocating a budget for marketing, and then developing the product. Is it any wonder that 90% of startups fail? Even with the best strategies in place, the ability to sell the product or service is a skill that often catches entrepreneurs off guard. This specific skill set requires specialized abilities and competencies.

What you will learn in the course

Effective use of voice for the sales

Development of the ability to listen to customer needs


Stage rehearsals of the most difficult sales


Role-play to be in the shoes of the buyer

Ability to improvise depending on customer responses

Empowering Persuasion and Improvisation through Theater Techniques

Through the theater exercises I have undertaken as a student and developed as an instructor, I have witnessed the potential of the stage and acting in improving persuasive skills and improvisation during sales interactions. The use of role play and precise feedback is incredibly powerful in enhancing sales capabilities.

Elevate Your Business with Powerful Selling Skills

The exercises I offer are designed for anyone looking to enhance their ability to sell a service (such as lawyers, accountants, architects, and restaurateurs) or those aiming to sell a product. Always remember that when you make a purchase, you are not only buying the product itself but also the idea it represents. The likability of the salesperson plays a significant role, and if your product is exceptional, it will outshine competitors effortlessly. Take the opportunity to sharpen your sales skills and unlock the untapped potential for success in your business today.

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