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"Verbal communication can make us understand information, but nonverbal communication makes us believe it." - Amy Cuddy

Unlocking the Power of Communication

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that people face. We feel judged, our heart rate increases, we start sweating, and our memory plays tricks on us. All of this happens because we are not accustomed to speaking in public; our bodies are not accustomed to such exposure. Even after years of practice, many speakers can be convincing but rarely relaxed. This is because there is a lack of proper training at the foundation of public speaking.
Of course I can tell you ‘You have to be relaxed while on stage’, ‘You move too much, try to be more still’, but it won’t be effective, because these are instructions that the body doesn’t take on board and you will continue to be tense on stage.

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the method

As an actor and acting teacher, I have developed a method that combines elements of acting with exercises tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses. This method has shown to unlock the potential in each of us to speak in public with charisma and ease. Through my Wonder Speaker course, I offer a package of two courses, both in group settings and individually, with the aim of making you a high-performing speaker and helping you feel confident in any public speaking situation.

What you will learn in the course

How to relax before a meeting, pitch, or an important meeting

Correct posture for standing in front of any audience

Wonder Speaker

Effective use of voice

Wonder Speaker

Techniques for attracting every single person in the audience

Techniques for not being distracted by the audience or unexpected events

Wonder Speaker

Use of body language to be more effective and charismatic

Speak in public
with fluency and ease

Wonder Speaker is a specialized course designed to help you speak in public fluently and with ease. You will learn how to manage fear, be persuasive, and move confidently on stage. Our targeted exercises and expert guidance will enable you to develop a charismatic presence and effectively communicate. In addition to improving your public speaking skills, you will also notice an increase in confidence and charisma in your everyday life. Don’t let fear hold you back; choose Wonder Speaker and unlock your potential for excellence in public speaking.

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